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Improve cellular health, memory, and overall well-being with our Spermidine Wheat Germ supplement.



The Ultimate Supplement for Reproductive and Cellular Health

Unlock your potential for optimal reproductive and cellular health with Spermidine – the powerful supplement designed for both men and women.

Spermidine Wheat Germ

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Enhance Cellular Renewal, Memory, and Overall Health with Spermidine Wheat Germ Supplement

Spermidine Benefits

  • Supports overall reproductive health in both men and women
  • May aid in cognitive function and memory support
  • Made with a proprietary blend of pure spermidine, boron, and niacinamide
  • Increases cell count, motility, and morphology in men
  • Easy-to-take capsules for daily use
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Unlock the power of spermidine with New World Health Brands’ premium Spermidine supplement. Our unique formula contains 20mg of pure spermidine per serving allowing your body to experiment with its efficacy. Spermidine is a natural compound found in many foods, and it plays an essential role in cell metabolism, cellular health, and reproductive function.

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